Why to Choose CA as a career

Why To Choose CA As A Career

Why to Choose CA as a career

You start thinking and inquiring about what career should you choose as soon as you pass your high school. It is always difficult to decide because every profession seems charming and perfect when you have a discussion with the experts. The students are unsure if the degree will fulfill their requirements, later on, they are scared of wasting years and gain nothing. If you are interested in Chartered Accountancy (CA) but are confused whether you should go for it or not, then relax and have a look at the points discussed below that will definitely clear all your doubts.

  • You gain an instant respect and fame:

Chartered Accountancy is a fantastic profession which introduces you to vast areas of knowledge like Accountancy, Audit, Taxation, and much more. Passing the exam is not a piece of cake, as it demands high dedication and passion. You have to study harder if you want to pass the course in one go otherwise the four and a half year course can be elongated to many years. So, when you become a CA you gain an instant respect from the people around you. Your family takes pride in introducing you to others.

  • You are trained practically along the course:

Your training period starts during the course. You can choose different industries according to your interests for the training or you can go for general accountancy practices. This is an important part of your course because it plays a vital role in your career later on. You can get high salaries based on your training performance. You also get the chance to implement your knowledge practically, which is helpful in understanding the concepts easily.

  • You get experience before your degree:

Your training period gives you a good amount of experience. You have to work with different mentors and come across different business issues. Working with highly qualified people teaches you various solutions to overcome the problems. You sometimes have to tackle it on your own without any help.

  • Economical

People think this an expensive course and many of them do not bother to ask about the fee structure. It is not true, as many universities offer the course at very reasonable rates. You are also get paid during your training period. So it is the most economical course where you start earning a handsome amount without having a degree.

  • Traveling opportunities:

The trainees are sent to different areas by the company for auditing purposes. You have to spend almost a week there with your group. So, you can visit other places in the city as well, but only after finishing your tasks first

  • Well-aware of latest business practices:

Chartered Accountancy is no more limited to auditing and accountancy only. The course patterns are designed in such a way that the students get knowledge of latest business trends in all areas of law, marketing, human resources etc. So they can opt any field once they are done with the course.

  • Degree equivalent to Masters in Commerce:

The degree of Chartered Accountancy is considered equal to M.com these days. So the student can easily apply for the posts of M.Com. And they also can get specializations in their field of interests.

  • Highly mobile and flexible field:

Unlike other fields, your degree of Chartered Accountancy is valid anywhere in the world. So you are not restricted to your country only. Once you grab your degree, you are eligible for an international job. You can continue your practice anywhere. Secondly, you can easily switch from a public sector job to trade, bank or your own private job.

  • Chartered Accountant is needed in all markets:

With the rapid economic growth, a Chartered Accountant is demanded in all markets like education, law, business, and health sectors etc. So you do not have to fear about getting a job once you finish your degree. You will find many opportunities.

  • A “safe” choice:

It is considered a safe career choice because students greatly believe that their career is going to be set, they just need to get hold of the degree. Many students get enrolled in Chartered Accountancy because they want to join civil services and other competitive exams are risky in the sense that they do not assure you to enter the field.

Hopefully, these points would have clear your mind by now. If you want to be a CA then don’t waste your time in the further investigation, just go for it. You will not regret because it gives you a luxurious life, handsome salary, respect, fame and global recognition.

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